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Oakwood Publishing Company is now offering six decks of flash cards to help you get better scores on the SAT I. These cards cover every aspect of the current format of the exam for the 2008-2009 testing season. Each deck has been designed by a professional educator and published author to assure you of the highest quality study aid. The first deck is an overall study aid for the entire SAT I, while the second and third decks mirror the critical reading section and writing section. They offer pointers for writing essays and include multiple-choice questions identifying sentence errors, improving sentences, and improving paragraphs, as well as typical reading comprehension questions. The fourth deck focuses on the mathematics section. The fifth deck offers definitions, sample sentences, and parts of speech for four hundred of the most important and common words in the English language that you may be likely to encounter during the SAT test. The sixth deck contains essential English language prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Each card also contains definitions and examples of words that use that word part. The deck is called Word Architecture as a Vocabulary Enhancement (WAVE).



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