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Fund Raising for High Schools and Other Charities

We contribute $3.75/deck (see explanation below) to your fund raising efforts. Use these funds for any authorized fund raising activity at your school: PTA-sponsored, Boosters-sponsored, Athletic-Team-Sponsored, School-Club-Sponsored, Senior-Prom-Sponsored, Church-sponsored, and so on. Just have any interested and authorized school (or team/club/organization) personnel call us to set up the financial mechanics.

Here's the way it works:

Instead of sending your students (or volunteers) out to sell candy bars for pennies per product, and instead of having them wash cars for whatever a driver is willing to contribute, have them promote these extraordinarily beneficial SAT Study Packages. For each individual study deck that they sell for $15, the school/charity may keep $3.75 of that selling price as our immediate contribution to your fund raising efforts. You may specify which group at your school (or other target goal at your charity) is to receive the benefit of our contribution. That leaves $11.25/deck ordered. Simply count up the total number of individual decks ordered and multiply by $11.25 to obtain the dollar amount of the check to write on your High School (or other Charitable Organization's) checking account. Contact us for more information.

SAT college board test prep flash cards Time is always running out on fund raising efforts. Click the Running Clock to display a special Order Taking page that you can print out and copy for each of your volunteers to facilitate your group order taking for our SAT study products

We pay all shipping charges for purchases by schools or other certified charitable organizations! We send your decks out to you immediately! Your fund raising coordinator should then oversee the distribution of the ordered decks to those people who ordered, bought, and paid for them in advance.

Note: You may also ask your students/personnel to represent and promote our Special Gift Box (which includes all cards from all five of our Study Packages). It sells for $63.95, which is an $11.05 savings from the total of all five decks purchased separately. For each Gift Box sold and ordered, your school/organization may keep $18.75 (which is 5x $3.75) for your fund raising efforts. Please note (as a separate line item on your order) the number of Gift Boxes you are ordering, and include in your payment check $45.20 for each such Gift Box ordered.
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